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The SECOND Big Bang Theory Blog

  • Oct. 27th, 2009 at 3:30 PM
The SECOND Big Bang Theory Blog
As remembered from Monday, October 26, 2009

*Artist’s note: All grammar, verb tenses, possibly some spelling and any concern for length has been disregarded for the purposes of getting this shiz out of me at the present moment. No apologies are made, but I suppose this preamble can be taken that way. And a one, and a two, you know what to do…….

The day started off as normal. This time our call was at 8am so I was a little drained during the first part of the day. I am a morning person, but I was unable to sleep on Sunday night, thus leaving me with tired eyes, “too early to be up and at ‘em” stomach, and an overall feeling of mild yuckiness.

I get to set and wait in the bleachers as last time. No famous boys or blonde girl yet. I was feeling extra yucky by the time I got to sit down that I felt like I looked like I was under the influence of narcotics. I’m sure I seemed weird- but I’m naturally quiet in unknown situations, so to me, this was normal behavior. I could swear I heard Jim Parsons’ voice in the bleacher area a few minutes after I sat down. (The stand-ins wait in the bleacher area all day, so it’s possible the voice I heard that was unmistakably that of Jim Parsons’ was in fact Jim Parsons going over some notes or something with his old ass stand in. Yes, I kid you not- the stand ins for this show make no effing sense, but whatevs. That is an entirely different blog in itself.)

We wait and wait and watch them set up a big scene next door in one of the sets next to the bleachers. We watch the crew set up for some pre-taping in the boys’ apartment. Jim appears to already be in Sheldon costume and maybe even make-up. We watch him record some dialogue as an integral part of the episode. He gets notes from the director. I really feel as if I am watching a theatrical rehearsal. It makes me long deeply to be on a television series. It most definitely IS the closest thing an actor can get to a 9 to 5 job and BANK LIKE CRAZY. At least for half-hour shows the schedule is 3 weeks on, 1 week of(PAID) and so on-so forth until Summer hiatuses and such. The 1 week break is a chance for the crew and actors to have a break, while the writers prepare the next 3 scripts of the season. I never knew that before. Being an extra can be quite educational. Each time I think I wont get to learn something really interesting, I am proven wrong.

Because we are shooting on a Monday, we are doing “multiple look” days. That’s when those 2 extra complete changes of wardrobe that are required of all NON-union backgrounders come in handy. The extras were needed for scenes A & C. Lucky peeps got to be featured in both scenes, some were only in one. I was not “lucky”, but maybe I was- depending on what the finished product looks like on air. I was only put in Scene C, which meant I did not have to change costume. Had I been chosen for Scene A or both scenes, I would not have been able to wear my arrival outfit for Scene A. I wore my new favorite gray cardigan and lime green v-neck shirt. The wardrobe lady loved my combo, but said I couldn’t be near the character of Wolowitz (the amazingly brilliant and adorable Simon Helberg) because he would be wearing the same color (bright green)! To think, I may have pulled focus from a lead! Never!  Sad thing is, because they kept the Scene C-ers in holding while they filmed A- I never got to see my kindred color costume. I guess I will have to wait until the ep airs.

Again, Mark- the background wrangler puts me at the same damn table in the back of the set. Upstage, as far away from the camera and leads as possible. I swear I’m too pretty for the show and that’s why he always tries to hide me. I even tried wearing a bright color to catch his attention and thus making myself more viable to be closer to my love(s), but to no avail. He looked me over a trillion times throughout the day and placed skinny- plain- and spectacled women and odd old men near the action. But, I feel like divine intervention may have played a part. Yes, I ended up in the back, but I got the chair center screen with my back turned to camera. (No thanks to Mark, I ended up with that seat because my 3 table-mates scampered to the camera-facing chairs.) Now, don’t expect to point out my back. Because of the placement of the Hero table this week and the special guest star (Barry Kripke is the character’s name- if you watch the show religiously –as you should!!!- then you know he’s Sheldon’s(Jim Parsons) arch nemesis with a spweech impwediment. Heheh) I am dead center and fully believe you will be able to see my gray cardigan, lime green v-neck and animated face as I pretend to laugh at something “hysterical.” I will be heartbroken if this is not the case. I mean, they separated me from my love- Jim Parsons as he was only in Scene A with the extras this week- can’t they at least capture my ridiculous face this time????????? Come on *Cendrowski! Don’t do a playa like that.
(*Cendrowski is Mark Cendrowski- the director. He’s affectionately known as “Cendro” on set. God, I need to be in tv. It’s so much like theatre. Everybody’s like family and nicknames and sillyness abound. It’s where I was meant to be people!!!!!!)

The Paragraph or Two devoted solely to Jim and the rest of the actor gang:

Jim- I watched him like a hawk whenever I could. He’s always on the far side of the set – in the boys’ apartment, or in his office set when I arrive for background duty and then he gradually makes his way to my side of the house as cafeteria scenes are imminent. Why can’t he be waiting in the bleachers for me and save my seat? Ah, I can dream. Anyway, the first time he appeared less than a hundred feet away from me, was when the Scene C-ers were watching just off stage as Mark the wrangler went over notes with the prettily placed Scene A-ers. I had my head down and was silently cursing Mark for keeping me from my love when I randomly look up and Jim just darts through set- 15 to 20 feet away from me. I LITERALLY did a gasp/inhale combo that thankfully was just quiet enough so that no one heard but me, but geez, that could have been embarrassing. I watched him from the bleachers later in the day and trailed him forcefully with my eyes when he walked across sets. I must have looked like a psycho stalker, but I can’t help it. I feel so close, yet so far away and it ingratiates me. Why can’t the directors and producers see that I am the uber-talented lady that needs to join the cast as Sheldon’s geektastic lady love????!!! Damnit!....Someday. I seriously want to do massive casting recon and find out who the principle casting agent is for the series and just bombard her with my cute face in prop glasses with scotch tape and bouncy pig tails. Maybe even a used copy of “Quantum Physics for the Frighteningly Intelligent” tucked under my arm for added flavor. (This book does not exist, but wouldn’t that shiz be hilarious and MEMORABLE??? Omg, I think I have to do it—even if it ruins any chance I have of ever being featured on the series- I mean, I’m actually here- in LA now- my antics could actually get back to someone in charge and casty. I have to be more aggressive!)

As for the rest of the boys and the blonde girl- Kaley had full make-up on this time and her hair was very pretty. She just looked like what I expected her to look like over a month ago- the first time this all went down- but didn’t. She and Jim and Johnny had to film some of those little show promo things for the network. I always wondered when and how they did those things and now I know. In between filmings. It seemed extra cheesy, but they all went with it. I guess it’s a small price to pay for making big bucks and doing a job you effing love 5 days a week. At breakfast time, I peeked into the makeup area and saw Kunal (Koothrappali) getting his hair trimmed. I had a private squee moment- don’t know why. I guess it’s because I literally could have walked in and touched him if I wasn’t afraid of NEVER WORKING IN THIS TOWN AGAIN. Simon (Wolowitz) was as cute as ever and more talky today than last time. Johnny too. You know how Johnny gave me death daggers last time? This time, he actually seemed happy on set and laughed a little too hard at everything….leads one to think he was high…but who even knows if he does drugs. He seems very professional (THEY ALL DO), so I doubt he was high on drugs. He was probably high because his arch nemesis (ME) was not in both scenes and therefore I could not make eye contact with him- which I guess leads to death daggers. At the end of shooting, he did whiz by me (us) and I could have clotheslined that little bastard- he was so close, but I held back. The boy is really hot in person (WITH GLASSES) and I wouldn’t want to hurt that or Miss Barra-Tournis indirectly by doing so. I do have a heart.
I did make eye-contact with the guy who plays “Kwipke”. It was surreal. I just looked up and there he was. You know how I have this problem with making eye contact with strangers? I am trying very hard to get over that out here because that is the only way I’ll get to see these people I dream of meeting or at least being in close proximity to.

I promise I’m not creepy, I’m just desperate to live my soul’s destiny – which is being a very famous actor and these people are getting to do what I want to do and was put here to do, so it makes me SOUND creepy the way I blog or talk about them. It’s just my way of putting it out in the universe that I am ready to accept my soul’s calling as a famous actor and that now would be better than later if the universe can manage it.

The rest in a nutshell as I marketed this as a mini-blog:
1) This time, we were held on the Two and Half Men set. I hate that effing show, my dad loves it, and it was weird to stare at it for half-hours at a time. They are on hiatus this week, so it was free for BBT background holding and 20,000 studio tours. We were quasi celebs for the day as mini-tour after mini-tour arrived and got the history of television thrown at them by some average and very kickass tour guides who made us seem important. I guess to peeps who are actual tourists- we backgrounders must seem like the chosen few who get on tv. I used to think that way…I know better….but then again, some extras are the chosen few as they have a certain look or quality that may land them some unscripted line(s) which leads to SAG cards, agents and fame.

2) I met ANOTHER Birthday twin on set. I went in to the day thinking (again) that I would not make any friends and be semi-miserable. One of the ladies selected to sit at what I affectionately call “My table/Hero Table #2” –as I consider myself an honorary lead character on the show- was quite friendly and made me feel at ease. Once we were seated, she told me that I had “such pretty skin”. I told her she had made my day. And, I think if you know anything about Taurus’ you know compliments are the easiest way to make us fall in love with you. So, we talked a bit in the breakfast line and I found out she was a fellow southerner (she’s a Floridian – she lamented about not having had grits in a long while – so I asked the seminal question “are you a southerner?” I then divulged my Texan-ity and that was that. Later on in holding I asked the other seminal question “what’s your sign?” She says Taurus. I could have done a cartwheel. (She makes the 3rd Taurus I’ve met in as many days!!!) And then of course “when’s your birthday?” is the next thing out of mi boca. And then she says what I’ve only every heard ONE OTHER TIME FROM AN ACTUAL REAL LIFE PERSON IN FRONT OF ME THAT I COULD REACH OUT AND TOUCH- April 25th. I could have done 10 cartwheels. It was unbelievable. So now, I have a new (21 years my senior) birthday twin FRIEND whom I definitely plan to stay in contact with.

While I feel like an acting cockroach as a backrounder, I do walk away with more knowledge of the magical world of tv production, a new pal and future earnings of $55.21 (that’s net baby!) each and every time. So, I suppose it’s not a total loss. Maybe some day I’ll be able to relay these events to Oprah or whoever the lead Talker of the day is about how I – Billionaire Actor – The Bull Monkey- used to drool and lust internally over my current and lawful husband- Jim Parsons from afar while pantomiming and fictitiously guffawing my way to $55.21(net baby!) for 7 hours work.

You can’t see it, but a little piece of me is smiling on the inside at remembrances and POSSIBILITIES.

The Big Bang Theory Backgrounder Blog

  • Sep. 9th, 2009 at 7:00 PM
"Math, Science, History, Unraveling the Mystery, that all started with a BIG BANG!"
Blogoirs from a first time television backgrounder on CBS's The Big Bang Theory
As recalled from Tuesday, 9/8/2009 by me…..

It all began on a slightly chilly morning in Burbank, California. Our subject rises at 6:00am-sharp! - and makes her way into the house and then into the bathroom and then the process begins. Surprisingly, she does not dawdle and daydream as much as she expected to on this day. She is nervous all the while. Her stomach churns and she winces constantly at the thought of what she's gotten herself into. "What did I sign up for?!" she mentally chastises. She readies herself, makeup as perfect as it will get and fusses with her hair more times than she should- after all, after the long trek up to the studio, her growing and glowing ebony tresses will end up in a low ponytail to stave off heat exhaustion.

And so, our fair maiden's journey begins…..(Now in first person!)….

I get my shiz together, I get into the car, and all the while I am still wincing and bellyaching over being a backgrounder or (extra) on one of my favorite shows- a show that also happens to star one of my truest celebrity husbands. But, I get over it, because, deep down, I really want to do this- not just to see the beautiful boy or the funny boy, or the "David from Roseanne" boy or the "Brindian"(British-Indian- hey, I'm a fan of the hybrid words, okay? Okay?) boy or the Blonde Hawaiian girl- but to see how television is actually made…to see those magical camera instruments that turn real life action into perfect pixilation on my television screen each week. I knew at my core, it would be an amazing experience and I was just putting on a show for myself and needed to stop it- immediately. So, I kind of did.

I tried to map out my route to Gate 8 of Warner Brothers Studios. Yes, the home of Wakko, Yakko, and Dot my friends. I got to Gate 5 first because Google apparently hates me. The guard was nice and told me how to get to the correct gate. I get to Gate 8. I park. I get parking and visitor passes with my name and the name of the show I'm working on brilliantly displayed! It's the little things, you know? I walk over to Gate 7. Just so you know, there is a massive crosswalk from Gate 8 to Gate 7 and it makes you feel incredibly exposed. I mean, I was already a nervous wreck, and then I take the longest crosswalk ever…the crosswalk of shame…or fame…however you see the glass's contents is fine with me. Anyhoodle, I get through security with no prob. Funny that he didn't catch my Chinese stars and mini-dynamite. Maybe next time. Once I’m officially "on the lot" I have to walk all the way to Egypt and supposedly Stage 25- where Big Bang shoots is a little past that. You ever seen footage or behind the scenes stuff from the studio lots and people are flying by on golf carts and bicycles? They're not doing that shiz to be cool, they're doing that because they are 1) LUCKY and 2 ) NOT CRAZY. I swear I walked a mile to Stage 25. Oh, bee tea dubs, Stage 25 was where Casablanca and a whole bunch of other great old movies (which I still haven't seen) were shot. My new friend I made on set was totally geeking out about it. It was adorable.

I finally get to the stage. No flashing red light – so it was okay for me to enter. Flashing red light = don't effing enter because they are rolling and you will get bitched out like a mofo…at least that's the sort of thing I imagine happens if you're a bozo. (Hey, that rhymed!) I walk in and it feels like I've walked into a theater. A theater where theatre is performed. This view alone cements my heart's desire to ultimately be a TV star. Yes, I want to do film, but TV has always been my first love, best friend, and confidant and seeing her innards up close only deepened my madness love. I think of working in TV as "theatre on crack". I swear it's true. I ask an apparent day player where the bleachers are for background and she points me in the right direction…partially. I get scared and think I'm going the wrong way or am going to walk right into a scene and decide to ask a passing security guard where the bleachers are. He points me right through set and I basically walk alongside the very cafeteria set where I will make my (hopeful!!!!) network TV debut- if only as a silent backgrounder. (It should be noted that "backgrounder" is not the proper term. I "made it up". They call you an extra or background. Background sounds so general to me. I'm a moving, living, breathing, pantomiming thing…I felt I needed that "er", so sue me for needing humanization.) I find the bleachers. I thought I'd be one of the first to arrive for my 9 am call. I'm one of the last. Odd, because I am Miss Punctuality. Perhaps going to the wrong gate- partially knowingly- aided in this non-tardy tardiness. Mark, the background coordinator greets us, calls out our names and we retrieve our vouchers (that's what they call your work document. You can't get paid without a properly filled out voucher!). Sarah, the wardrobe mistress lines us up and looks at our arrival outfits and our additional changes of clothes. She seems nice, obviously isn't feeling my arrival outfit and asks me to change into an alternate. I don't mind. They asked for nerdy, layered wear and I was sure my favorite gray knit vest would be nerdy enough and it was.

As we wait for our scene rehearsal, we get to watch the cast run their lines on camera, then the 2nd team (stand-ins) get on set, get the blocking (physical and camera), and then they teach the cast what to do. Then they rehearse the scene on camera 2 or three times and move on to something else. In between these mini-runs, some of the cast walks past the bleachers where we all watch in awe, and yet try to pretend we are not internally drooling with a healthy dose of envy and adoration as the likes of Simon Helberg ("Howard Wolowitz" aka "the funny boy")- who is as short and skinny and wiry as he appears on television and Johnny Galecki ("Leonard Hofstadter" aka "the David from Roseanne boy")- who is sporting a super sexy beard [Stacie- if you're reading this- Lady, you would have passed smooth out from the hotness- and that's saying a lot as I don’t fancy the Galecki as you] and is as short as he appears on television. Jim Parsons ("Sheldon Cooper" aka "the beautiful boy") never walked by the bleachers, nor did Kunal Nyyar ("Raj Koothrappali" aka "The Brindan Boy"). I think they were afraid of the extras. Ha!

After some actual TV star filmage, the backgrounders get to go on set and do rehearsals. We are initially placed in what I like to think of as 2 semi-parallel firing squad lines and then Mark goes through picking out people to either make crosses or play the scene seated at a table. With no apparent method to the madness, he chooses me to sit at the table dead center- upstage…so I feel hidden away. Hey, I'm a chubster, I know they don't like to show that on tv (unless it's a focal point of the story/action) so I take my seat and deal. I wasn't all diva-ish, I was just happy to finally get to sit and be placed somewhere. It was odd as the others who had yet to be placed stared at us…for only 12 seconds prior, I was one of those placement hungry few with confusion and longing in their eyes. Eventually everyone is placed and Mark reads the sides as we block the scene (yes, we got actual sides and get this, GOT TO KEEP THEM…I have 4 pages of an as yet unaired Big Bang Theory script in my possession. I am framing that shiz…and some other mundane things like the Kashi bar wrapper and mini Dasani water bottle from breakfast, extra plastic spoon encased in cellophane from breakfast and those passes I mentioned earlier.) I am a dork. Yes, you already know this…let's move on.

We go through the scene 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 times…I lose count. The propmaster flits about the set placing cafeteria trays – dark chocolate 1981 era brown is the production color of choice- and empty to-go coffee cups, unopened bottles of water, soda, and vitamin water. Some lucky bastards get non-food related props to play with…mini laptops, full sized laptops, legal pads, and books. The Japanese fellow at my table got the Toshiba. I wanted a cool toy..that way..it cuts down on the awkward pantomiming with strangers that was to ensue. I have never liked mime-talk. Never will. It makes me feel extra dumb..unless you can mime being really excited or mad and shake your fists in the air or do karate kicks- what have you- it's just got to look showy to make me happy…none of this "real-fake" stuff. There's an extra for 30 years or some crap at my table too. All the crew, their grandparents, and their pets know THIS guy. It's annoying. He worked on a previous show for the exec producer and all of the Big Bang crew worked there too…a little show called Dharma and Greg. Maybe you've heard of it? Oh, and Two and Half Men is the "sister show" to Big Bang. They were both created by Chuck Lorre. Just some interesting tv facts for you kids. You are in the know because I am in the know. Don't you ever forget that. You dance with the one that brung ya! Okay…..

So, then……THE BOYS REHEARSE WITH US. Aaaaah. Sweet sighs and heart flutters to abound. Jim was there. He sat far away from me at "The Hero" table. That's what they call the chosen table for the characters each week they film a cafeteria scene. They don't always sit at the same table, which was shocking to me. Especially with a character like Sheldon Cooper that has a conniption fit each time someone sits in his spot on the couch. I digress….I sneak glances at my heart's desire when I can. His hair seems long and it kind of sticks up…he wears a black and striped polo-tee and jeans. He's still in Jim mode. Very casual. I suppose I thought he walked around in suits all day or something…he just seems so refined. He's as slim as he appears on television and as tall. What I've discovered is that it's ONLY the MOVIE STARS that look vastly different in person. TV is pretty true to scale. They looked like regular guys who'd be in my theatre department. I wish they'd been in our department…..yummy…anyway…

We all rehearse the scene. Johnny walks by my table 9,000 times and sometimes he looks at us…wait, I think all but 3 times he looked at us. My trick was to look at him once he passed us….or at least passed my eye line. We don't want to get caught staring at the stars, now do we? Part of me did hope Jim and I would lock eyes for a moment. I wonder if he even saw me. He exited and entered sort of behind me, so maybe he glanced at my back on his way out a few times. He always sort of snuck in. He's a stealthy little dude, now that I think of it! Johnny- for all of his angsty looks and backgrounder avoidance sure loved breezing past my table every chance he could get. Jim was pretty blank faced all day, as far as I could see. And, sad thing is, from the position I was in, I never got a full frontal view. It was always profile…but still it was in a greater proximity than I ever thought I would have to him, so I will take it. Sweet, sweet images burned into my psyche that will never be erased for as long as I am here on this earth.

After we rehearse properly, the backgrounders are taken to "holding" on Stage 12 (where ER used to shoot) and told we are breaking for lunch. 1 hour. Me and my new friend stroll over to the commissary. Embarrassing fact: I mistakenly think lunch will be provided free of charge (as breakfast was) and walk to the "you pay to eat food gettin' place" with only a smile and a child's wonderment of major Hollywood studios to eat on. My friend bought my lunch. I was mortified. I can't believe I made a rookie mistake…but you live and you learn. I had a dollar in my purse back in holding, so I gave her that and will somehow send her the remainder of my half of the lunch purchase. (Don't worry, I have her info…I'm not gonna stiff her for the additional $4.50 I owe!). I was so excited, I could barely concentrate on lunch. I shoveled grilled chicken and pico de gallo into my mouth aimlessly as I envisioned the cast and myself being on set and doing and saying funny things because I'm a part of the group and I'm a cool tv actor too. Someday. Someday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After lunch, about 40 minutes after lunch, we are finally called back onto set to film the real deal. It was surreal (yet again) to see the actors having transformed from their normal selves to the characters I know and love. Like, the embodiment of Leonard Hofstadter and Sheldon Cooper and Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali were milling around in front of me instead of in that other TV dimension. It was so strange and exciting and more strange. Johnny/Leonard shuffled past my table yet again, and the one time WE LOCKED EYES he kind of gives me "death daggers." I was a little hurt. "Why do you hate me Johnny Galecki?!" I cried out…mentally. Whatevs. Maybe it's his process to pace around looking all pissed off and angsty. Maybe he was getting into stone cold Leonard mode. Who knows…but I don't hate him, it's just the way people are and I accept it. I'm not the friendliest ghost around…I'll be the first to admit it, so no hard feelings…next time though (and oh yes, there will be a motherbleepin' next time!!!) he better not do it again, or I will be truly hurt…maybe.

When Jim/Sheldon arrived on set, I tried to get a good view of his "Sheldon shirt". I'm sure it was geek-tacular, but all I can say is that it was bright yellow and had green and orange in the design. I'm sure it will look fabulous on air. And it was amazing how just flattening his hair down made him look so Sheldon-like. The boy instantly went from 25 to 16 with the stroke of comb and brush, only the man is really 36. Yes, I know…he needs to donate his DNA to the fountain of youth project, for realsies. So, we shot the scene in two parts a total of about 6 times and we were done. It was by far the easiest and most exciting money I've made in my tiny existence so far.

And that's it folks. Long enough for you? I'm long winded but I like to be as thorough and fresh as possible…for when I forget how wonderful this feeling is in 3 months when I am still not a working actor, I will need to re-read this and regain the excitement so's I don't want to off myself or crawl into an actual cave and hide for eternity. There are many more details to tell, but some of those are best retold and acted out for your and my own collective enjoyment! Until next time…….

Thanks for reading, kids.


  • Nov. 12th, 2007 at 9:13 AM

EVERYONE, please go to this website and play the game. It is the easiest thing you will ever do to help those less fortunate and sated than ourselves. Who doesn't like to flex their brain power, learn a little something and help others in need?

I will be cross-posting on Myspace as well.



  • Aug. 28th, 2007 at 12:54 PM
would the opposite of "bros before hoes" be "chicks before dicks"?

"and we got nothing to be guilty of..."

  • Apr. 24th, 2007 at 11:05 AM

Biographical Autos?

  • May. 26th, 2006 at 1:20 PM
Reply here and I will tell you what the title of your Autobiography will be.

wishes to you

  • Apr. 24th, 2006 at 1:04 PM

stolen from the "A" whore

  • Nov. 7th, 2005 at 3:40 PM
If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

(also, if we have never met, you could make up a story or memory, because that's fun and creative.)

I've still got my ears and my eyes open.

  • Oct. 25th, 2005 at 1:14 PM
Here's another scrap of hate: Daniel sucks too. Not all Daniels of the world, just Daniel- aka The Daniel, aka Asian Dan, aka Bastard........

I shall sew the largest hate blanket in the world....thank you Ass Wipe and Bastard for helping me make your delusions a reality.

To show that I listen to my public.........

  • Oct. 25th, 2005 at 1:11 PM
Ben Sucks. Not every Ben under the sun, just Ben, aka The Greeley, aka Greeley, aka Ass Wipe.....

Anyway, Ben sucks. Just him and him alone.

This is an individual scrap of hate to be sewn into my so-called blanket of hate.